TTC typewriting Institute technical teacher certificate course syllabus Tamil

Commercial Institutions imparting training in Typewriting, Shorthand and Accountancy subjects get temporary/permanent approval from the Directorate of Technical Education, Chennai. The rules and regulations for according approval of commercial institutions are furnished to the applicants who seek approval for starting such institutions.


To become instructor in Commercial institution, one should possess Technical Teachers Certificate (TTC Certificate) issued by Directorate of Technical Education. Admission and Tuition Fee applicable for Technical Teachers Certificate Course conducted by DOTE is Rs. 850/-


Commerce Examinations in subjects like Typewriting, Shorthand and Accountancy are conducted twice a year during the months of February and August. After publications of results, certificates are directly issued to the
respective Commercial Institutes. In respect of private candidates, the certificates are sent to the individuals directly.


Re-totaling of marks, issue of Duplicate Certificates, Issue of Genuineness Certificates are also allowed to candidates of Commerce examination as per the norms after remitting the prescribed fee for the same


TTC Tamil syllabus 2021 Tamil PDF…

TTC syllabus Tamil PDF

ttc course details

ttc course details

TTC technical teacher certificate course

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06-12-2021 TTC SYLLABUS 2021
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